16 Perfect Tips To Abs Of Envy

It may not be a secret that the best way to a six-pack is regular exercise and a healthy diet (even if it’s no diet at all), but there’s a right way and wrong way to a flat stomach. Read on for the ultimate tips to getting toned and enviable abs. 1. Know the balance Getting […]

Revealed! The Real Secret to Fat Loss

If you’re a regular reader of fitness magazines or blogs, you’ll probably know that we reckon weight training is just as important as cardio for fat loss. Not only does weight training boost your metabolism and firm you up all over, it’s also great for shifting those stubborn bulges. But there’s more science behind it […]

9 Breakfasts for a Flat Belly

Shrink your waist without sacrificing taste with these fat-busting breakfasts to trim your tum. 1. Mushroom and Feta Frittata Make a frittata with 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 15g fresh spinach, 55g chopped mushrooms and 30g feta cheese. Top with 1 tsp fresh coriander and serve with 1 slice oat-bran bread and 60ml pomegranate […]

Mermaid Workouts for Serious Abs

Yogalates, Zumba, underwater yoga and even the sexually suggestive shake weight have all been big fitness trends, so it’s safe to say people are more than willing to try out anything for the sake of losing a few pounds. But this new exercise routine might just be the strangest (and coolest) of them all. All around the […]

6 Reasons You’re Always Feeling Hungry

You’re an hour into the working day and already on the hunt for a second breakfast – why are you so hungry? If you’re confused by unexpected tummy rumbles, take a closer look at your eating habits. Chances are, your diet will reveal a lot about those troublesome hunger pangs and why you’re always shopping […]

24 Ways To Flatten Your Belly

A toned, flat tummy is a goal many of us strive to achieve, but endless crunches and ditching all your favorite foods aren’t the right or fun way to do it. A sculpted core and trim tummy can be attained by incorporating small changes into your day, like holding in your abs while you walk […]

18 Simple Eating Tips For Effective Weight Loss

We all know how difficult weight loss can be. However, these simple tips to lose weight should make losing that excess weight that much easier. Simple weight loss tip #1: Healthy cheese If you love to eat cheese you may find that your weight will suffer for your indulgence. If you swap your usual cheese […]

5 Moves To Rock Solid Core

You don’t need crunches to get solid abs. Here are some simple unconventional ways to achieve strong functional abs without having to spend hours at the gym. They can be done after your regular gym session or integrated with you workout. The great thing about these training methods is that they will get you results and they […]

10 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips

Question: Which way towards a goal gives you the highest probability of success? Easy answer: The simplest and easiest way. It sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying, because I’m continually amazed at how people make weight loss way, way more complicated than it needs to be. The honest truth is that weight loss can be […]